Elle Osborne

General Manager

So, who is Elle Osborne and why should I trust her with my property?

A passion for property, passed down from her family, motivated Elle Osborne to pursue a career in Real Estate straight from high school, completing a real estate traineeship…and over the past 14 years she has gone from strength to strength and never looked back.

Liaising with investors, landlords and tenants, Elle is an excellent communicator, and has built strong relationships with her clients, creating a high level of loyalty not often found in such a challenging industry.

Elle’s success can be attributed, not just down to sheer hard work, but also to her personable nature, her genuine affinity for people and her unwavering commitment to deliver excellent service in all circumstances.

“I totally understand the importance of securing a suitable tenant in the shortest period of time. Many owners still have mortgages. It is critical they receive an income quickly so they can meet their repayments.

However, I do not, and will not, compromise on the quality of tenant. I am ever mindful of protecting my clients’ most valuable asset...I do it properly from the start to ensure ‘peace of mind’ for the owner, and I continue to foster great relationships with all parties.”

Living on the Gold Coast, with her husband Ozzy, son Cody and their pets Tully, Peppa and Mango since 2006, Elle is an expert in the area. As a multiple Gold Coast property owner herself, Elle understands the importance of having an excellent Property Manager to ensure all things property management are done correctly and in a timely manner.

Real Estate is Elle’s passion and career. It is not just a job, Elle is professional, goal-orientated and in the business to achieve outstanding results for her clients.

Elle’s focus is purely Property Management, specialising in the comprehensive field of asset management. The reason asset management is so important is simple, we see our Property Management Department as the core of our business. Most other agencies see the property management department merely as a source of sales listings. As a result, the property management services they provide are often lacking.

Elle and her team of Professionals at First National on the Coast understand that a properly managed property will attract better, long term tenants and increase in value more quickly, allowing her loyal clients to grow their portfolios, helping them to achieve their financial goals.

As a Multiple Award Winner, consistently achieving the best results and building long term relationships with her clients, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving Elle Osborne and her team at First National On the Coast the opportunity to manage your investment.






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